Wadoryu Karate

One of the main styles of karate, Wadoryu is light and fast and is part karate part Jujitsu, classes are more aerobic, there is a full grading syllabus to Black belt & beyond, there are regular Courses & events can also be attended with other association clubs and Instructors


The Chief Instructor of the Milton Keynes club has over 41 years experience and is a 4th Dan Black belt as well as holding Black belts in several other arts including Jujitsu, Kobudo & Filipino Kali, Wadoryu karate is aerobic so great fitness plus excellent self-defence


Wadoryu Group Class can be joined on Mondays from 6:30pm to 7:45pm at The New Bradwell Community Centre, MK13 ODA in Milton Keynes- Please get in touch with us to enquire, If you are interested in finding out more or trying the class please call or text 07596 527783 

We are proud members of Suzuki Ha Wadoryu lead by Eleni Labiri Suzuki Sensei

Suzuki Ha Karate Do Wado Ryu