Kali Escrima Class

Currently we hold a weekly class in this dynamic & effective art on Monday evenings


Panatukan comes from the Filipino word Suntokan meaning brawling (hitting), it employs knees, elbows, head butts,low kicks, treading on the feet, stamping on the legs, hitting with the shoulder, crook of the arm and many more brawling and so called dirty tactics as well as jabs & hooks in a close-combat fighting system and is also known as "street boxing" or "dirty boxing" since there is no fixed set of rules. It is a fighting system which is aimed at maximum efficiency. In contrast to "normal" competitive boxing and kickboxing, street boxing uses the whole body as a weapon


The Panantukan fighting system is taught at advanced level to US special forces, training does not only contain technical training but it is also defined by its effectiveness, speed, dynamics, timing, precision and its typical & spontaneous flow of action, training also includes & is under-pinned by the use of short sticks and knife fighting & defence.Jason Bourne in film the Born Ultimation uses panatukan in his fight choreography


This facinating & less well known art is a highly effective self-defence for all. Our Beginers Class is on Mondays from 7:30 to 8:30pm at New Bradwell Community Centre, MK13 ODA, Milton Keynes students are expected to purchase short sticks & blunt training knives


Please get in touch with me to find out more & to obtain details of how to join classes 07596 527783