3rd-i Tai Chi Forms & Qigong sets taught


Tai Chi for Energy Beginner form 20 moves

Tai Chi Extended set 40 moves in total

Bafu Wubu - 8 Methods & Five Steps

Yang Style 24 form

Sun Style Short form


Qigong sets

Dao Yin Yang Sheng gong meridian set

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong

Ba Duan Jin - Eight Treasures

Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin



Tai Chi & QiGong


Our Tai Chi classes are for health and wellbeing and include Qigong training which enhances wellbeing, energy & connectedness, we are also not tied to a style and students can learn Sun & Yang style forms, Advanced students can learn Chinese weapons forms including Sword & Fan


Our current Beginners form is a short 20 move sequence 'Tai Chi For Energy' which combines the gentle Sun style with some of the deeper stances of the Chen style, relaxing music is played during classes.Tai Chi movements are slow and mindful, which gently stretch the joints and muscles of the entire body, strengthening them from inside out.


Good body posture is shown by studies to make you feel more positive.We are affliliated to the Tai Chi for Health Institute which was founded in 2010 by Dr Lam and many of his Tai Chi for Health colleagues with the purpose of empowering people to improve health and wellness through the Tai Chi for Health programs.


The combination of the Chen & Sun styles produces a powerful synergy in Tai Chi for energy, this program will improve your natural health & wellness, internal energy and the ability to manage stress


Our Tai Chi for Energy Beginners class is on Wednesdays from 5:15 to 6pm at The Yoga Garden Santuary, Old Springfields, Padbury near Buckingham, MK18 2AR. Class is very popular so booking in advance is necessary


No experience is necessary just wear tracksuit and t-shirt and come along

If you would like to find out more please drop us any questions via an Enquiry form or alternatively call or text 07596 527783